Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evelock 2nd Anniversary and Giveaway

Eve Terr sent us a note to let us know today was Evelock’s second anniversary in SL.

She worked hard recently, installing a gift card system - she went with Caspervend, we hear good things about it.

Everyone at the party received a 200L$ brand spanking new Evelock gift card, and as her prices are not horrible to begin with, this works out to a very nice discount.

Since the party was today - bit of short notice on our part there, sorry! - Eve generously offered this :

The first 20 people who call Eve Terr and say “Deirdre sent me!” will get a 200L$ Evelock gift card.

See our previous posts if you need a reminder about Evelock products, drop by the nice new store at Nova Isle, and wish Eve a happy anniversary too :)


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