Thursday, August 22, 2013

Places - The Pick Up Point

Change is a little quicker in Second Life than in many places; you’d think I would be used to it after all these years.

The Intro Board I told you about in July is gone from the Rubber Room, but despair not!

In its place was an ad for another intro board, at The Pick Up Point. I thought this was by arrangement but it turns out to be just a cool coincidence.

The Pick Up Point is fairly new (it opened August 1st), and hopes to become a hangout. Those are hard enough to start - trust me, I know! Voice chat is permitted, but not mandatory.

The ad panels are the usual: drop in a notecard & pic, and pay 25L$ a week - presto,  you have an ad running.

When things get rolling, regular “meet and greet” events will be held every week; we’ll let you know when they start.

If this is a cool project you want to support, TinkerTilly Resident is looking for a manager in an American time zone - you know, so she can sleep ;)


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