Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lady Anne’s Latex Emporium - White Hot Leathers and Beautiful Savage Harness

Some really amazing bike leathers from Lady Anne for me tonight - lelo’s a little less covered up in her harness.

Astute regular readers (and as I like to say, there is no other kind) will recognize that Anne’s flame-decorated bolero is similar to the lovely Big City Girl outfit we showed you in DeVicious’ mad rush to Christmas :)

But the amazing cutout, flame-layered bottom pants are pure Anne. The white flames are original too, a little less brash than the standard orange.

The back of the jacket sports a cool skull-and-crossbones pattern with the motto “Biker Chicks Don’t Ride Bitch”, ie, passenger. You own your bike, and you ride it :)

The clothes-layer waistcoat vest completes the look. Boots are included, as well as big aviator shades which I skipped here.

As we were about to start our post, Anne gave us a call and we got a first-class tour of her store, which we hadn’t visited in ages.

I recommend you give it a peek, she added tons of new content - including a section with lots of kinky clothes and toys for men, something we just don’t see a lot of in SL.

It has been a while since we featured the queen of accessorizing, Anne Charminade, but finally she had something for both of us.

Seems she likes to see me naked, well almost naked, everything is kinda covered up, but i’m sure you won’t be allowed to wear this on a PG sim.

The name Beautiful Savage Harness, covers the outfit but is longer than the outfit itself. *winks*

The harness is good old clothes layer, so no fitting issues with them, on size fits all.

Have a look at Anne’s place she really has some great outfits and prices are super low.

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker

Price9 9
Service8 7

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