Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DS Tech - PaciGag

Nearly a year since we featured DS Tech, so I thought it was high time. We were reminded of this when someone called us to ask where the store was, as they were looking for the Rubber Puppy kit.

A bit of searching brought us to the new location, and lelo immediately updated the slurl in our old post. (We do try to keep on top of things, so please don’t hesitate to call and tell us a store’s location has changed.)

While we were there, we had a look around and the PaciGag caught my eye. Silence plus humiliation - how can you beat that combo? ;)

The gag looks like a big pacifier, and offers fine control over colors - 131 of them, to be exact; mostly pastels, unsurprisingly. It’s also a great RLV gag, and I’ll let lelo describe that.

Drool, of course, is a feature. Not a bug ;)

While you visit the DS Tech store, don’t miss the wall of discounted legacy products - older DS Tech creations that are still worth looking at.

A nice little toy tonight, coming from the girls at DS Tech, the PaciGag, for the child in you.

As you can imagine this is a RLV toy and gives you control over everything a gag like this would do in RL.

So next to naming owners, filling blacklists, setting lock timers you can control everything involving speech with this gag.

The gag goes further than most including the suck binky option where everything you say is changed into an embarrassing remark about sucking on your binky.

There is even an option to control the gag from outside of SL with an Android app, though this will mean downloading a free app and some hacking in settings.

Finally, if you get stuck in the gag, there is the option to go to the store and reset it to factory settings.

So amazing scripting, which should give you hours of embarrassing fun… *winks*

Name : DS Tech
Owner : Adara Firecaster and Devika Selona

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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