Monday, February 10, 2014

Forum and Sala Closing

Our friend Mel Melville is a founding mother of pony play in SL.

She told us last night that Forum and Sala, old and respected BDSM support and pony SIMs, are closing pretty much immediately: Forum Sim closes February 12th, Forum Fields closes February 14th, and Sala closes March 9th

We featured them in 2009, and while we were not regulars, we were aware of the place as a serious adult resource area.

Much as we may be aware of the impermanence of virtual lands, we’re still often harshly reminded that things change and people move on.

Here’s their note:

Opened on May 2nd 2006 we have seen thousands of people through the place and have had an amazing time. We have seen members get together and fall apart. We have tried to be a home for the wicked and a place where people can learn and find friends and people of like interest.. Thank you one and all for a great time and all your help. Forum remain till the lindens take it back. My account will remain but will be spending our time away from SL.


We wish you all well.

Jamie and Kathryn

A landmark-giver points visitors to a new location for the Forum group, as they say, “home to cats and lost souls”.

The Forum:
The stables:

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