Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Latex Web Inc. - iDomme

A cool and slightly strange outfit from Latex Web is nothing surprising ;) This is Mariko’s first release in a while, the iDomme.

No, she didn’t join the Cult of Jobs ;) As far as I can tell the name is whimsical. Fun, though :)

This is a "Doctor Jekyll / mutant latex creature from Mars" outfit.

Asymetrical-spiky gas mask, back tentacles, head tentacles, spooky latex eyes… or, nearly sensible latex domme outfit - you have both in this box.

The boots are really outrageous, but if you go for the plainer look, it’s easy enough to swap them for fetish knee boots.

The chrome catsuit looks really good, and could be the basis for a very different outfit - robotic bits and what have you.

Visit Latex Web and give the beautiful Darkadia sim a look, too.

Seems Mariko does have time left, next to all the remodeling she does too her sim, to make new, Darkadia style, outfits.

The one thing that is to be expected when something bears a Latex Web label is that it’s pretty much out there, way, way out there.

Simple fact of the matter is Mariko makes what she likes and loves, she doesn’t do mainstream fetish, she does Darkadia fetish.

And as it goes with fetishes, you have it or you don’t, and Darkadia is it own little niche of SL.

If you like dark rubber, spikes, alien worlds and want to join the ranks of the army of Darkadia this is the outfit for you.

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Darkadia/104/102/91

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store9 9

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