Thursday, May 7, 2009

SHi Sexy Fashion - Python Long Boots

A gorgeous pair of long, long boots from Sweel Honi, these eye-catching beauties have an amazing texture - the folds look very realistic. A menu lets you change the lacing color between a dozen choices.

You also get a box with the small version, which look good on a more slender-legged leather goddess, but are sort of tricky to adjust for a sitting pose. Set the "small" box aside in another folder or you'll be wearing it.

You may spend a moment or five adjusting those boots to fit you just right. I sure did.

It's worth it. ;)

A while back we featured the lovely "the patio set " by SHi Sexy Fashion, and as the name of the shops says, the furniture isn't the main thing they sell.

So it's high time we show you one of their other specialties, extremely well made boots for low, low prices.

She has a very nice clothing, the mentioned patio set and a couple of very good looking boots, all for very good prices.

Ohh even if you're not looking for extremely cheap high quality boots, can't imagine you don't, give the shop a look, Sweel has a very interesting test subject chained in her store.

Look for her freebies and the color pack she offers and don't miss her test subject... *smiles*

Name : SHi Sexy Fashion
Owner : Sweel Honi

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8 8
Price 9 8
Service 9 -
Store 7 7

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