Friday, October 5, 2012

Evelock - Circe Chaise and Minim Set

Eve Terr gave us a call this week, said she had a new release she’d like to show us. I said, “Oh, something matching the cool sofa?”, and what do you know, my ESP was working that day ;)

The Circe Chaise, then, is pretty big, but amazingly low prim. Eve builds for prim misers like me : seven prims for the entire chaise!

The menus are extremely simple and clear: pose menu on the cushion, and texture menu on the base, accessible to the owner only - no bad surprises that way.

The Miss-sub poses are excellent, there are tons of them, and they are easy to adjust. Easy to love that item :)

She also sent us the Minim furniture set: at one or two prims each, with eight or nine poses, but no texture menu, you can set a bunch down when you have company.

No texture menu on the Minims, but they are mod, so you can simply edit and tint.

This is just a short Friday peek, so do drop by Eve’s new studio and see the demos, and don’t hesitate to call Eve with inquiries - her own words, I wouldn’t set hordes of readers on someone like that ;)

Also, more details on her blog :

Have a great weekend.


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